We collect data, analyse and report on the levels of antibiotics used in Pig, Poultry and Egg production

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Unprecedented access to antibiotic consumption level data in the pork, poultry and egg industry
We measure and analyse antimicrobial consumption per animal production at farm, batch and flock level
Automatic and secure data extraction, maintaining the anonymity of those involved
Measure to reduce consumption
Safe and Secure data, measured accurately at animal batch level
Independent of any major food producer or manufacture
iNDICAVET services used and trusted by the animal health and food industries

Independent of any food producer company

Our independence of any producer means that we are able to work with all pig, poultry and egg farmers irrespective of who they supply.


Smart data collection

We collect data directly from the vet overseeing prescription of medicines, and from the farmers themselves.


Easy, effective, useful

We only take the data that’s needed, and make the data collection process as simple as possible. Less hassle for all means better compliance from all.


Track, analyse and report on antibiotic consumption in Pork, Poultry and Egg production

Being able to demonstrate accurate antibiotic consumption levels at animal batch level is becoming increasingly important for farmers and food producers alike. Our Indicavet service allows independent reporting of these key measurements, with the results fed back to both farmer and food producer. We make use of standardized measurement and reporting KPIs, including ALEA, DDDvet and DCDvet measurements. Active in France since Spring 2016, we are now expanding our service to the UK and other countries.

Smart People. Brilliant ideas Who's behind all this


Alexander Arpino

Technology and Operations

Alexander is the Managing Director of Veterinary Insights, and has been with the company for 15 years. Involved with Animalytics since the start, he's seen it grow from test, to trial, to the full version of today.


Arthur Rousseau

Software Engineer

Arthur joined DBM Insights 5 years ago, and is the lead developer behind the INDICAVET website. His impressive data skills are vital in managing the complex links between large databases and the website front end of INDICAVET.


Alain Le Floc'h

Data analysis

Database Analyst for DBM, the parent company behind the service, Alain and his team provide the processing and validation skills behind all reports produced by the service.


Philippe Prost

Head of Technology

Philippe has been with Insights DBM for 14 years, and heads up our development and customer services teams. Amongst other things, his team produces and manages the INDICAVET website, and ensures all goes smoothly.